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The Best Summer 2024 Flowers to Gift Your Loved One

May 30, 2023

Bouquet of seasonal summer flowers delivered fresh by UrbanStems

The days are getting longer. The sun is shining a little bit brighter, and the energy is high. Summer is a season when backyards become barbecue hangouts. It’s a time of year when festivals are in full swing, and outdoor activities abound.

Summer is also the perfect time of year to express how much you care. It’s a season of growth, a season of celebration, and a season of love. Whether you are celebrating your friend’s promotion, enjoying the earliest sparks of romance, or feeling grateful for the role your family plays in your life, summer is the perfect time to give the gift of flowers. A fresh bouquet of flowers — or a living plant — can bring the positive energy of the summer into someone’s home. This summer, we’ve rounded up the best flowers to give to the ones you love. Each one is a pure reflection of the ambiance only summer can deliver.

The Best Summer 2023 Flowers to Gift Your Loved One

  1. Sunflowers
  2. Peonies
  3. Lavender
  4. Orchids
  5. Roses


Symbolic of: Adoration, loyalty, longevity, devotion, and faithfulness

There is perhaps no flower that feels more closely connected to the bright sunshiny days of summer than the sunflower. Sunflowers are vibrant, cheerful, and warm. The bright yellow flowers immediately bring a dash of light into any space. With a large, wide-open flower head, sunflowers evoke a sense of celebration and happiness.

One of the best parts about giving sunflowers is that they are a wonderful fit for relationships of all kinds. Symbolizing adoration and loyalty, you can use a bouquet of sunflowers to let your best friend know how much you care. You can deliver sunflowers to your mother’s doorstep to celebrate the summer season and send a message of love. Sunflowers also express longevity, devotion, and faithfulness, making them an excellent romantic choice as well.

For an extra dose of sunshine, Double The Sonny offers a hefty dose of good cheer. Vibrant yellow sunflowers are contrasted by the delicate, soft white of baby’s breath.


Symbolic of: Good fortune, best wishes, honor, compassion, and long marriage

Unfurling like a soft secret whispered on a summer night, peonies are a gentle reminder of love, good fortune, and happiness. These flowers are lush and vibrant, with a fragrance that leaves an indelible impression on those who have the joy of catching a waft of their scent.

Gentle pink peonies express the subtle summer breeze, while white peonies invoke feelings of honor and fresh starts. Imagine an idyllic summer afternoon where the air hangs heavy and the energy slows to a comforting pace. Peonies are a perfect companion for such moments. They make an enchanting choice for wishing someone you love the best of luck or celebrating the joy of a long marriage.

The Grower’s Choice Peony is a particularly magnificent arrangement. Hand-chosen peony stems in a blend of colors create a palette of summer. Often arriving in bud form, peonies are a joy to watch bloom to life.


Symbolic of: Devotion, serenity, grace, and calm

Step foot in a field of lavender, and you’ll immediately understand why these flowers are strongly associated with grace and calm. There is something incredibly soothing about the aromatics of lavender. The softness of the flower is inviting and warm. Tiny, vibrant purple blossoms spring up from the flower’s body, with a delicate and slender appearance. In nature, lavender can be seen gently swaying in the summer breeze. Bees flit to and from the bouquet’s bounty, and the plant seems to emit an ethereal calm.

As a fresh-cut bouquet, lavender brings this energy directly into any space. The captivating beauty of the flower and the timeless appeal of the lavender scent combine to express devotion and serenity unlike any other.


Symbolic of: Love, beauty, purity, and faith

Exotic and otherworldly, an orchid invites the senses to enjoy the wonders of the natural world. There is something wholly unique about how the graceful blooms of an orchid seem to float above the flower’s body. The gentle yet intoxicating fragrance of each bloom drifts through the air in a summery way.

Adding to their charm are the intricate patterns of each petal. Elegance is at the center of what orchids represent. Their mysterious form expresses love, beauty, and faith.

For a summer gift, The Lemon Drop pairs the exotic appeal of the orchid with delicate blooms bursting with vibrant color. The rich yellow of the flower is perfectly contrasted by the navy and white striped vessel. It’s a wonderful way to deliver continued beauty long past the summer.


Symbolic of: Love, romance, and friendship

A rose bloom contains a depth that is the perfect reflection of love, romance, and long-lasting friendship. The velvety petals are a mesmerizing wonder of color and form. Slender stems rise up to rich blooms with a gentle yet alluring fragrance. The delicate nature of a rose’s petals is married in perfect contrast to the protective thorned stem. It’s a stunning expression of the vulnerability and protective power of love.

While roses are a splendid gift year round, in the summer, they hold a particularly special place. Summer is when roses are naturally abundant. Their colorful blooms burst from gardens and flower beds in celebration of the warm weather. Roses are also some of the longest-lasting fresh-cut flowers. They do well during the long summer days, providing a vibrant touch of color to the home.

The Canary is a particularly perfect match for the energy of summer. Radiant shades of yellow are paired with vibrant pops of orange. It’s the perfect pick-me-up or a summery way to say, “I’m thinking of you.”


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