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5 of the Most Beloved Peonies in the World

July 19, 2022

Close up of a pink and white peony bouquet on a table

Peonies are prized for their stunning flowers. Large and showy, the blooms have the power to transform any event into something extraordinary. They’re constantly found in wedding bouquets, and they’re perfect to give on virtually any occasion. What sets them apart, though, isn’t so much their beauty or the fact that they’re so versatile — although both of those factors are impressive. Ultimately, though, it all comes down to sheer variety.

The humble peony is available in a variety of forms. Some are instantly recognizable at a glance, even if you don’t necessarily know their names. Then there are others that fly under the radar yet make a pronounced statement with their exquisite fragrances and outstanding silhouettes. No two are alike, and you’ll probably know you’ve found “The One” — the peony of your dreams — as soon as you set eyes on it. Here are a few of the most beloved varieties in the world.

Prettiest Peonies in the World

  1. Sarah Bernhardt
  2. Kansas
  3. My Love
  4. Pink Hawaiian Coral
  5. Bartzella

Sarah Bernhardt

The perfect representative for the peony family, Sarah Bernhardt is a longtime favorite that’s commonly found in gardens around the world. It blooms from late spring to early summer, lending your outdoor space an eye-catching look thanks to its showy, ruffled petals. You never have to worry about pests poking around, either. Although, don’t be surprised if you catch sight of the occasional butterfly flying around.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, never fear — Sarah Bernhardt is a fantastic cut flower, too! In fact, it can thrive for more than a week if properly maintained during that time. There’s a classical appeal about this variety, making it a lovely choice if you’re planning a garden party or happen to live in a charming cottage and want something to liven up your yard. This is definitely a no-fail pick!


You may not be in Kansas, but it can come to you anytime you want a little extra color to brighten up your life. This beloved peony is a late-spring favorite known primarily for its rich raspberry-toned flowers. What’s extra special about this variety is that it’s incredibly strong — think resilient-in-the-rain, never-losing-its-stride type of strong. That’s a big deal if you live in an erratic climate or you’re worried about spring showers.

The beauty of Kansas is undoubtedly in the size of its blooms. They positively stand out for miles (in some cases literally) and have the potential to transform your yard into the envy of the neighborhood. Plus, they’re big pollinator plants. So you can expect plenty of bees and butterflies throughout the season. Another feature that helps Kansas stand out is its robust greenery. The leaves are typically a rich, dark green, which helps the flowers shine even brighter.

My Love

If you’re planning a spring or summer wedding or you just want something soft and ethereal to warm up your home, you won’t go wrong with the My Love peony. Blooming in late midseason, this lovely bloom boasts lush, full petals that look just like fluffy little pillows. The color, a gentle, pearlescent white, occasionally features a hint of blush in the undertone. It’s the perfect complement to a flower in a darker color but makes a lovely statement all its own if you prefer.

Over time, My Love becomes whiter and develops a gentle fragrance. It also stands tall and grows robustly, so if it’s in your yard, you can be certain it will thrive. Cut some stems and place them in lone vases around the home to add some sophistication to any space, whether it’s a table in the hallway or the kitchen windowsill. It brings a subtle, delicate impact to the home but won’t compete with other features in the room.

Pink Hawaiian Coral

There are few peonies as memorable as Pink Hawaiian Coral. Like a visual representation of a tropical getaway, this delicious-looking flower glows in an appealing shade of warm pinkish-coral. The rose undertones lend it its customary romantic quality, while the gentle fragrance makes it perfect for giving. Any occasion is suitable, be it Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or a housewarming. Who wouldn’t be drawn to its beauty?

Thriving in early to mid-spring, the Pink Hawaiian Coral is a dazzling flower in more ways than one. It prefers full sun but tolerates partial shade, so even if your conditions aren’t optimal, you may still be able to find a way to incorporate it into your garden layout. Over time, its coral tones will take on a softer, pinker hue. The result is lovely: bright, refreshing, and perfect for making the most of the warmest months of the year.


Sometimes you just need a little sunshine in your life. Bartzella is easily one of the most vibrant and uplifting of all the peony varieties available. It’s a vigorously growing flower known for its dark green foliage and brilliant yellow blooms. Another key detail that truly sets it apart is its zesty lemon fragrance. That citrusy note makes it the perfect addition to your yard, particularly during late spring to early summer.

They’re also wonderful to incorporate into homemade bouquets and promise to last for well over a week if properly maintained. The ruffled petals alone lend Bartzella a beautiful appearance, but the addition of the glorious golden tone and light, refreshing fragrance makes it even more appealing. No matter where you choose to add this beauty, you can be sure it will make a showy statement.

No matter your peony of choice, you can be sure they’ll add beauty, elegance, and character to your home. These lush and delicate flowers are always showy, but you can choose from subtler varieties in lighter tones if you prefer something more understated. Take your pick from a wide range of favorites, like sophisticated Triple The Pearl, eye-catching Double The Peony, and The Alaskan Peony, a radiant pick-me-up that will instantly brighten up any space. Whether keeping them for yourself or giving them as a gift, you can be certain that the peony will be a vibrant success.


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