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The Best Flower Arrangements to Gift to a New Urban Homeowner

December 18, 2023

Close up of an orchid in an apartment in an urban setting.

Think about the first time you moved into a new home. You probably didn’t know your neighbors, and settling into an unfamiliar place took time. Now, you’re the one greeting the new couple who just moved into the luxury apartment downstairs or the neighbor who moved in across the street.

Taking a moment to send a thoughtful housewarming gift can make people feel at home, even though they just got there. You might not know their personal style (yet), but flowers send their own message to help you welcome new people and tell them you’re thinking of them as they get to know their city.

Gifting a floral arrangement to new urban homeowners gives you the chance to say “welcome to the neighborhood” in the language of flowers. Plus, you might make a new friend!

  1. Why Give Your New Neighbor a Luxury Flower Arrangement?
  2. Going From the Suburbs to the City
  3. Say “Hey, Neighbor” in Flower Language
  4. Who’s Moving In?
  5. What Do Flowers Do for a New Home?
  6. Pair Your Housewarming Gift With…

Why Give Your New Neighbor a Luxury Flower Arrangement?

A floral arrangement makes a good first impression and shows your new neighbors that you’re approachable. Amid the stress of moving, a kind gesture like this gives them something beautiful to put in their home, whether they’re still unpacking or need a finishing touch to complete the space.

Flowers tell your recipients that you’re excited to get to know them. Adding a card with a personal message lets you introduce yourself without dropping by unannounced. Plus, it gives you a chance to kick off a relationship instead of forever being neighbors who smile at each other in the hallway and keep walking.

Beyond benefitting your neighborly relationship, studies show that flowers and greenery improve your mood. And when they're unpacking boxes, organizing their space, and figuring out a routine, that mood boost becomes a bright spot for new homeowners—especially during colder months, when people spend more time indoors.

Going From the Suburbs to the City

Cities have more amenities and conveniences than suburban and rural areas, but the switch from suburbia to urban life can feel overwhelming for some people. The stereotype says it’s hard to connect with your neighbors in the city, but that doesn’t have to be true.

While flowers can leave a positive impression on anyone, people moving from an area with a lot of greenery to the concrete jungle might appreciate it a little extra. A floral arrangement gives them a piece of nature that reminds them of home and lets them incorporate that greenery into their personal space.

Say “Hey, Neighbor” in Flower Language

Flowers have their own language, and the blooms you choose can convey more than a kind gesture on its own. They let you get creative with what you want to say, whether it’s a simple “welcome” or a wish for your neighbor’s future in their new space. Here are a few ideas for what to say beyond the greeting card:

  • Lavender, wisteria, and safflower represent welcome, sending a warm message without too much fanfare. If you want something greener, eucalyptus says the same thing with a relaxing, menthol scent that mingles beautifully with lavender.
  • Alstroemeria and yellow flowers, like roses and tulips, symbolize friendship. You can send these to a friend who’s just moved away or use them to tell your new neighbor that you’d like to get to know them better.
  • Sunflowers, delphinium, gardenias, and chrysanthemums all send a message of joy and hope that your neighbor will be happy in their new home.
  • Orchids, hydrangeas, lilies, and bonsais all stand for wealth, so you can tell your neighbors you wish for them to find abundance in all its forms as they settle in.

Who’s Moving In?

You can change your arrangement or message based on who’s receiving your housewarming gift. The Seasonal Bloom’s sunflowers, mums, spray roses, and greenery send a new acquaintance a message of joy and welcome without going over the top.

But sometimes, if you know the people, you want to give them something more special. You can still include general meanings of cheer and abundance. However, if you know the person’s favorite flower or interior design preferences, including them in the arrangement makes for a more memorable gift, showing them that you thought beyond traditional blooms.

What Do Flowers Do for a New Home?

If you’re still on the fence about giving flowers as a housewarming gift, we get it. Not everyone likes the same thing, and you don’t know what people’s favorites are or even if they like flowers (but who doesn’t?). But we think they’re a safe bet, especially when you think about what they can do for a space.

Fresh flowers bring life to what may be sparse interior design, especially for a first-time homeowner. Flowers give people space to get creative and can spark inspiration for their interior design. They pull together a space, make it feel cozier, and brighten it, no matter where the recipient puts them.

A floral arrangement takes away the new home smell and replaces it with natural, green scents. It makes a not-quite-finished space feel less like a new house and more like a home.

Pair Your Housewarming Gift With…

Flowers on their own make a fantastic housewarming gift, but sometimes, pairing them with practical items leads to even more appreciative homeowners. While a luxury vase gives them something to use the next time they receive flowers, a basket, watering can, or mason jar gives them something that won’t go into storage after the flowers die.

Beyond flowers, cozy gifts like diffusers, candles, and blankets give them a way to wind down in their new space. If they’re moving in around the holidays, give them their first ornament set for their new place. And, if you know the family, you can personalize the gift!

When you give a flower arrangement, you have no shortage of options to welcome your new neighbors. Make their move memorable with an arrangement that welcomes them to their new city and starts your relationship off right.

To see more ideas for what to give your new neighbors, visit our Housewarming collection.


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