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Best Friends Day with For Love & Lemons

June 2, 2022

Close up of a summer bouquet

From your ride or die bestie to the friend you can tell absolutely anything, our friends are always there for us. June 8 is Best Friends Day, and it’s the perfect time to do something special for your BFF.

We’ve teamed up with For Love & Lemons to celebrate flowers, fashion, and all things friendship. Our team sat down with their founders Laura Hall and Gillian Kern to learn more about their friendship.

Tell us your names and a little bit about yourselves and your backgrounds.

L: My name is Laura Hall from Jackson Hole, WY currently living in Silverlake, CA. My husband and I have two young ones (and another on the way) and a dog named Bandit. I oversee the Operations and Production side of For Love & Lemons.

G: My name is Gillian Kern, also from Jackson Hole, WY currently living in Silverlake. My husband and I have two young ones and a dog named Killer. I oversee Design & Creative Direction at For Love & Lemons.

How did you first meet?

L: We were best friends growing up and actually started “working together” by hosting lemonade stands during summer breaks, hence the name For Love & Lemons!

What inspired you to found For Love & Lemons?

L&G: We always joked how we would be in business together forever and here we are with FL&L! We started the line in Bali, and would make very small production runs. We would sell everything at small events and eventually found a showroom to wholesale our brand. We started to build a good following on our social media—that's when our brand became a real brand.

What is the inspiration behind the summer collection?

G: Our Summer ’22 collection is a love letter to the sunshine. We wanted the romance and excitement of tropical, far-off places to radiate from all of the colorful prints and breezy designs. This collection is supposed to inspire adventure

What does female friendship mean to you? How do you celebrate your best friend?

L: I feel so lucky to have such a strong relationship with Gil. I think since we’ve known each other so long we just get each other and know how to navigate our business and personal relationship! When we hang out outside of work, which is a lot, we try to leave work at the office. Doesn't always happen but we do try so we can keep some sort of balance.

G: Female friendship is an irreplaceable bond, a deep connection, a person to laugh so hard you’re crying with and to tell your deepest secrets too. There is nothing like it!

What are your favorite flowers?

L: Sweet pea & Delphiniums.

G: Ranunculus & peonies!

In celebration of our collaboration, we created The Best Friend Bouquet. With sunny yellow stems to symbolize friendship, this arrangement is the perfect way to thank your BFF for everything they do for you.


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