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Anniversary Flowers for Parents

04/09/2020 By UrbanStems

Your parents have done so much for you through the years. You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them! On their anniversary, don’t forget to show them just how much you love and appreciate them. A beautiful bouquet of anniversary flowers is one of the best ways to surprise them and celebrate their relationship.

Why flowers? They’re both stunning and meaningful. The right flowers can say so much, whether you’re choosing symbolic blooms that mean something specific to them or just choosing a few that you know both of them will love. Flowers are representative of love, passion, trust, kindness, and endurance — all important factors that play major roles in your parents’ lasting relationship.

When you choose a bouquet from UrbanStems, you can count on two things: farm-fresh flowers and quick delivery! All anniversary arrangements are unique, thoughtfully curated, and perfect for surprising your parents on this special day that’s all about them. In addition to same-day delivery in New York City and Washington, DC, UrbanStems offers next-day delivery throughout the United States. You can even pre-order the anniversary bouquet up to two weeks ahead of time — plenty of time to make sure you don’t forget!

The Best Flowers for Their Special Day

From neutral colors to bright shades, all anniversary bouquets feature rich, true tones that are sure to make them smile. You might want to choose a composition that includes stems representative of the number of years they’ve shared with one another.

Is it their 20-year anniversary? Asters are symbolic of true love and patience — two very important factors that go a long way in contributing to an enduring marriage! The iris reflects 25 years together, and it’s perfect for sending a message of faith and hope to your sweet parents. The 30th anniversary is traditionally celebrated with lilies, the eye-catching flower known to represent beauty and devotion.

Purple iris flowers are one of our favorites, but this perennial comes in nearly every color.

Aromatic and dramatic, lilies have become the flower choice of a 30th anniversary.

Of course, nothing speaks to the love and passion they’ve shared through the years than roses! You can’t go wrong with red roses, which are perfect for any couple celebrating the depth of their love. Shades like pink and peach are also appropriate. If they happen to be celebrating their 50th year together, you might want to consider yellow roses. These sunny blossoms aren’t just perfect for brightening up their day, but they’re also representative of friendship, closeness, care, and happiness. Those are truly the hallmarks of a lasting and happy marriage.


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