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The Best Easy-Care Plants to Gift

July 6, 2023

A woman working on her laptop next to an easy to care for ZZ houseplant

Plants make excellent gifts that keep on giving. They are perfect for housewarming gifts or as a way to say “Congratulations!” They can also cheer up someone who isn’t feeling well or simply let someone know you’re thinking of them.

In addition to adding beauty to any space, plants purify indoor air. Having plants around the home or office can even help reduce stress and spark creativity.

While giving someone a plant is a great way to offer a continued reminder of how much you care, not all people are born with a green thumb. For some, the gift of a plant can actually induce stress. Your plant recipient might feel overwhelmed by the extensive care many plants require.

Fear not! If you want to give a plant to someone who isn’t a gardening enthusiast, there are numerous easy-care options available. These low-maintenance plants will allow your loved one to enjoy the pleasant qualities of a living plant without stressing about care. Let’s take a look at the best easy-care plants to gift anyone in your life.

The Best Easy-Care Plants to Gift

  1. What Plants are Low Maintenance?
  2. Top Easy-Care Plant Picks
  3. Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving

What Plants Are Low Maintenance?

When you want to give the gift of a plant without stressing your recipient out, low-maintenance plants are the way to go. These are plants that are well known for their simplicity in care and usually thrive well in numerous environments. These are not fickle plants that suddenly wilt without a day of water or require specialized lighting.

The following are all popular low-maintenance plant gift options:

  • Succulents: Succulents have long been touted for their incredibly simple care. They make wonderful desk plants and don’t require much of anything to remain alive. In general, you can expect to water a succulent once every two to three weeks. Succulents tend to thrive best in indirect sunlight.
  • Air plants: Perhaps one of the most unique types of plants on the list, air plants do not require soil to live — talk about low maintenance! In fact, air plants absorb moisture and nutrients from the air. To care for an air plant, the only requirement is to gently mist the plant with water a few times a week, depending on the humidity of the climate. Since air plants don’t require soil, they can be displayed in creative ways, making them a perfect option for a low-maintenance gift.
  • Pothos: Also known as devil's ivy, pothos are particularly easy to keep happy. These plants grow quickly and only need to be watered when the soil is dry to the touch. These plants can tolerate a variety of lighting, though generally, they prefer bright, indirect sunlight.
  • ZZ plants: ZZ plants — or by their technical name Zamioculcas zamiifolia — are beloved house plants due to their lack of upkeep and care. Waxy leaves grow quickly, creating a stunning array of greenery. A drought-tolerant plant, ZZ plants thrive in many lighting conditions. Simply water once every few weeks.
  • Snake plants: Easily recognizable by their tall, upright leaves, snake plants are content in almost any lighting condition. They only require water every few weeks and provide a stunning aesthetic. Not only that but snake plants are particularly treasured for the amount of fresh oxygen they release. They make a great addition to homes where they can reduce the number of toxins in the air.

Top Easy-Care Plant Picks

If you are feeling inspired to provide your friend or loved one with a living plant, we’ve put together a list of a few of our favorites. Not only will these plants be easy to care for, but they will also provide a little extra something with their unique planters.

Sure, it’s a symbol of good luck and prosperity, but this money tree is also extremely easy to care for. The Dinero has a signature braided trunk and is potted in a beautiful hand-crafted ceramic pot. Water when the soil is 50–75% dry and provide indirect bright light for a happy plant.

Remember how we said air plants are a particularly excellent option for low-maintenance plants? Well, The Chroma is just that. This whimsical air plant is easy to care for but still delivers a pack of joy. The arched silhouette of the planter and medley of rainbow hues make this small plant a true delight.

The Cathy is a xerographica air plant, also called a Tillandsia xerographica. This delightful air plant has a unique appearance with large, silvery-gray leaves. Native to semi-arid regions of Central America, this plant can easily survive with little water or maintenance. Adding to the appeal of The Cathy is the whimsical ceramic pot holder, which creates the appearance of a woman’s head.

The Loe is a classic jade succulent — a plant well known for its simplicity in care. Similar to most succulents, the key to caring for The Loe is to not overwater the plant. In fact, these low-key succulents can often go weeks between watering. What’s particularly endearing about The Loe is the petite ceramic pot shaped like an elephant.

Carrying on with the theme of low-maintenance succulents is The Phoebe, which only needs to be watered when the soil is dry. There’s a delightfully playful energy with The Phoebe. The unicorn ceramic pot makes this a great option for baby showers and birthdays or as a fun way to brighten someone’s day.

An expressive and vibrant pothos, The Fresco features large, dramatic leaves that will add a bold splash of green to any space. The low-maintenance plant is potted in a striking white and blue ceramic pot.

Nestled in a charming woven basket, The Charleston is our first ZZ plant on the list. This plant features thick, waxy leaves that don’t need much watering. Not only that, but this ZZ plant can even thrive in a windowless room. It’s a great office gift!

Honestly, it’s hard to get enough air plants. Due to how low-maintenance air plants are, they can be tucked into the cutest containers. The Sahara is the perfect example of just that. Mist this adorable giraffe every few weeks, and enjoy the whimsical charm of the ceramic air plant holder.

One of the reasons we love The Quinn so much is because of all the benefits this low-maintenance snake plant provides. Snake plants have been shown to help filter toxins from the air. The simple white and black ceramic planter adds the perfect contrast to the tall, stately leaves.

Give the Gift That Keeps on Giving

We hope you feel inspired to give your friend, family, or loved one a living plant. Plants make excellent gifts, providing an ongoing reminder of how much you care. For those who are worried about having a less-than-green thumb, our low-maintenance plant list has you covered. Order an easy-care plant today and enjoy free delivery to your recipient’s doorstep. Be sure to add a quick note and reassure your recipient that their new plant doesn’t come with a long list of care instructions.


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