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Making Green Spaces: The Benefits of Green in Your Home

Close up of an indoor plant

As the world becomes ever more aware of the importance of mental health, people are finding more ways to reduce stress and anxiety. In recent years, multiple studies have connected better mental health with the ability to access green spaces. What qualifies as a green space? It can be a park, indoor garden, terrace garden, rooftop area with grass and shrubs, or simply an untouched outdoor area with plenty of green plants. As long as there are enough plants in one area to bring on a sense of calm, you have a functional green space.

Recent reputable studies have revealed that by spending around 30 minutes in a green space, people can experience a boost in their mood, immune systems, and metabolism. Being able to frequently access green spaces also reduces the occurrence of heart disease. Why do green spaces help people’s mental and physical health, and how can you create a stress-relieving green space in your home or office?

The Benefits of Green in Your Home

  1. Why Green Spaces Help
  2. No Yard? No Problem. Get Indoor Plants.
  3. Our Favorite Green Plants
  4. Air Plants and Succulents

Why Green Spaces Help

In color psychology, the study of how colors affect people’s behaviors and perceptions, the color green has been found to reduce stress. Simply painting your wall green or adding green decorations can offer this benefit. Interestingly enough, Chinese feng shui also identifies the same benefits of green on the mind. In both modern scientific studies and in feng shui, green’s pacifying effects are amplified with plants. By spending time in a place with plenty of foliage — whether it’s a rooftop terrace, green space lobby in an office building, a park, or an indoor garden space — you can recharge and destress. And best of all, it doesn’t take too long to “reset” in nature. You just need about 20-30 minutes to benefit, though an hour gives you maximum stress relief and a major mood boost.

On top of this, plants can improve indoor air quality. Various studies show data on how plants and the bacteria in soil can help filter VOCs from the air. The more you have, the more effective it will be. So don’t expect major air quality changes with one or two plants. Instead, the effect can be more evident if you apply the jungalow look to your interior.

No Yard? No Problem. Get Indoor Plants.

If you find yourself unable to make it to a green space outside on a regular basis, consider creating one indoors. Living situations like apartments or townhouses make it especially difficult to retreat to a green space. However, our deliverable green plants make it easy to set up a quick oasis inside your home. The key is to bring in enough foliage to make the room feel like you are “away from it all.” You may also choose to keep a small indoor garden in this space to cultivate herbs. To make this work, create a feeling of abundance to amplify the stress-relieving effects of green plants.

Our Favorite Green Plants

To create a green space inside your home or office, all you need are some potted plants! You can also make an indoor garden if you have the space and time. However, the quickest way to get a fresh array of green plants is to order them straight to your door. We highly recommend more than one so that the plants will have more influence in the room. Here are some of our favorite green plants.

  • The Fresco: Talk about fresh! This 6-inch golden pothos plant will brighten up any interior, giving it the boost of green it needs. Worried about your brown thumb? Don’t worry— the golden pothos is famous for being hardy. It can survive in low light or in a bright area, and it also produces more plants as it grows. Get an extra pot and soil ready for when it multiplies. We also love its beautiful blue and white ceramic planter.
  • The Claude: The Pilea Plant is known for its iconic pancake-shaped leaves and delicate stems. Also known as the Chinese Money Plant, the bright green leaves and whimsical silhouette bring some levity and fun into any indoor space. Give it to yourself or a friend since it’s symbolic of coming together and celebrating friendships. It comes in a beautiful off-white ceramic pot that can blend into any existing design setup.
  • The Dinero: The money tree has a long tradition of symbolizing prosperity and good luck. However, its good looks and deep green leaves also make it a desirable indoor plant. The gorgeous braided stem looks effortlessly chic, while the handcrafted ceramic pot makes it effortless to arrange in your home. The money tree is also super low-maintenance, which is great for anyone who carries on a busy lifestyle!


Want some ultra-low maintenance options? Succulents are excellent indoor plants to supplement your personal green space, providing different textures and colors. Known for their thick leaves and hardiness, succulents can be enjoyed for years with minimal care.

  • The Loe: This adorable elephant planter almost steals the show, but the sprigs of thick leaves that emerge from the jade succulent will also catch your eye. This charming succulent gift is ready to add character and some fun to your indoor plant arrangements. Since it’s compact, it’s easy to fit in a variety of places — from the top of the hearth to an office desk corner.
  • The Phoebe is one of our all-time favorites. Enjoy the flower-like shape of its cute succulent plant as it rests in a delightful stoneware unicorn planter. It’s a great gift to honor a friend or loved one, or it can be something pretty to add to your personal green space.


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