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How One Bride Changed Her Bachelorette Party Plans

06/10/2020 BY UrbanStems

Not only has DeAnne Stewart's Broadway career been put on hold due to the COVID pandemic, but she also had to put a hold on her Mexico getaway for her bachelorette. We asked her a few questions around her upcoming wedding plans and how her and her fiancée are adapting.

bachelorette party

1. Tell us about yourself and your fiancée! Where did you meet, how long have you been together?

So I am an actor currently on Broadway in the new musical Jagged Little Pill. My fiancée, Emily, is in quite the opposite field; she is a financial restructuring attorney. She also happens to be the sister of one of my closest friends from college who set us up 3 and a half years ago. It started out as a bit of a joke but one thing led to another and we got to texting which led to plans for a date and the rest is history!

2. What was your original bachelorette party plan and how did COVID affect it?

The initial plan was a trip to Mexico with my bridal party the first weekend in May. We had an extravagant villa with a pool and close proximity to the beach booked, as well as plans for lots of eating, drinking and some partying. Once things got shut down, the nerves were high but it still seemed like there could possibly be hope for the trip. Eventually it became evident that that wasn’t going to be the safest or smartest choice. I hope to still take a trip down to Mexico with whomever can still come when we’re sure it is safe.

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3. Tell us about your virtual bachelorette! Did you play games?

So as you can see from the itinerary it was a pretty jam packed weekend! She made sure we hit all the key things and added some extras that only were able to happen with this situation. We played the newlywed game and did a virtual escape room and trivia.

The key thing with her planning was keeping it very structured because she knows how I feel about Zoom parties. If there is no plan or structure with more than just a couple people (especially when everyone doesn’t necessarily know each other well), it can get awkward and unpleasant quickly. So structured games as well as activities like the cocktail, fitness, and cooking classes being led by an instructor worked so well!

4. How did UrbanStems play a part in your party?

I was sent some beautiful gifts by a couple of my party attendees via UrbanStems! The flowers came right before the surprise kicked off as a nice gesture to uplift me because of the postponement and the succulent in the elephant (elephants are my favorite and live all around our apartment) came right after everything finished and was the perfect ending to the time we had and a beautiful addition to my collection.

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5. Did you have to move your wedding date? If so, when is the wedding?

We have not moved our date at this time. Our plan is to still get married September 12th in whatever way that looks like.

We are hoping for the best and investigating all of our options. Even if the in person affair has to be much smaller than originally planned and Zoomed to others or if we need everyone to be tested in the days leading up, we hope to be able to gather to some degree by then and celebrate with some of our friends and family.


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