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A Guide to March Birth Flowers

March 14, 2023

Close up of yellow spring flower bouquet for March birth flowers

People who are born in March have a lot going for them. They are born in a season of expectation when the world comes to life after a long winter hibernation. Flowers start to bloom outside, and there is that sweet scent of tilled soil in the air. Just so, March babies are worth the wait — and they’re oh-so worthy of being celebrated.

Depending on when they were born in the month, people with March birthdays are either a Pisces or an Aries — which can make them creative wonders or outstanding leaders. They also get the gorgeous aquamarine as a birthstone.

But did you know that every month of the year also has its own birth flowers? Each bloom has a special meaning, making flowers an excellent birthday gift. On top of this, every Zodiac sign has a dedicated flower, so you have even more gifting choices. If you want to bless a loved one with a March birthday, check out this guide to March birth flowers.

A Guide to March Birth Flowers

  1. Daffodil: March’s Official Birth Flower
  2. The Meaning of Daffodil
  3. Daffodils in Mythology
  4. Flowers Inspired by Daffodils

Daffodil: March’s Official Birth Flower

The official birth flower for March babies is the yellow daffodil. It can also be called a jonquil or Narcissus flower. Specifically, its scientific name is Narcissus jonquilla. However, the daffodil has often been mistaken for December’s birth flower, the paperwhite Narcissus. This confusion occurs because daffodils and white Narcissus flowers belong to the same Amaryllis family, have six petals, and have a cup-shaped corolla.

But you can know the difference by remembering when the flowers bloom. Paperwhite Narcissus flowers bloom in the winter, while daffodils bloom in the early spring. December Narcissus flowers are also white with a colored center, while springtime daffodils are predominantly bright yellow. So, if you see a flower blooming outside that resembles a daffodil, but it’s only January, that’s not March’s birth flower!

The Meaning of Daffodils

Daffodils have plenty of positive connotations because they are among the first flowers we see in the early spring. This burst of bold color after months of gray and cold rejuvenates moods. It’s no wonder that the daffodil’s meaning has much to do with rebirth, new starts, and joy. It is also associated with beauty, as the daffodil is named after one of the most beautiful characters in Greek mythology.

Daffodils in Mythology

Daffodils belong to the Narcissus genus of flowers, which has a deep meaning in Greek mythology. Narcissus was the son of Cephissus, the god of the Boeotian river, and Liriope, a naiad (water) nymph. Because he was the child of an attractive god and nymph, Narcissus was extremely handsome. In fact, he was so good-looking that he broke many hearts without even noticing. In particular, a nymph named Echo wasted away and died while longing for Narcissus, who was unaware she existed.

Nemesis, the goddess of revenge, wasn’t pleased by this. Therefore, she led Narcissus to a clean brook, where he saw his own reflection and immediately fell in love with himself. He stayed by the water, staring at his reflection, longing for love, until he died, and a daffodil grew in his place.

Flowers Inspired by Daffodils

Daffodils are not the hardiest flowers and, therefore, can’t be guaranteed to stay intact when shipped long distances. (However, you can still send a loved one daffodil bulbs to plant in the ground if you like.) If you want to send a birthday bouquet, we advise that you send flowers that resemble their birth flower. These daffodil-inspired flowers will make excellent March birthday presents.

Daffodil-Inspired Bouquets:

  • The Lemon Drop: Stately sprigs of yellow orchids pay great homage to the simple elegance of daffodils. It also comes in a stylish ceramic planter, making it instantly ready for display!
  • The Peneloise: Straight from our Bridgerton collection, this decadent blend of yellow and orange blooms honors the beauty of March’s birth flower — and the power of friendship.

March Birthday Flowers at UrbanStems

Birth flowers are meaningful gifts you can give anyone born throughout the year. Bring color and vibrancy to your loved one’s doorstep with these lovely March birth flower gift ideas.


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