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Everything You Need to Know about Ranunculus

04/09/2020 By UrbanStems

Ranunculus are unique flowers that have a character all their own. Although they have some characteristics similar to peonies, they also have plenty of originality.

Ranunculus Hero

Delicate Beauties

Both peonies and ranunculus have many petal layers, but the ranunculus petals have a bit more definition and look very delicate when opened, making for a fresh and elegant arrangement. The centers of ranunculus can also vary depending on the variety, so they may look similar to peonies or appear denser like poppies. The picture-perfect petals may also remind you of roses, but they are wider and more airy looking.

Ranunculus Colors

The color range of ranunculus also varies widely, so it’s ideal if you like to switch up your color choices in arrangements and bouquets. There are hundreds of varieties, so you can find ranunculus in every shade from deep, rich colors to pretty pastels and match the color to your mood, the season, or your favorite color family. Popular colors include sunny yellow, creamy pink, bright red, romantic peachy pink, crisp white, deep orange, rich purple, and more.


Ranunculus have a classy look that make them a versatile choice for many types of arrangements.


Ranunculus can add dimension and height to any bouquet


Ranunculus can be incorporated into designs ranging from sweet and simple to more intricate looks that create an interplay between different flower shapes. Some ideas for how to infuse your home with color and style with ranunculus arrangements include:

Contrasting Colors - Contrasts create a bold, eye-catching look that works well for centerpieces, focal points, and accents.

Multicolored Arrangements - Ranunculus varieties also lend themselves well to arrangements with multiple color families. For example, peachy ranunculus pair well with the pink, purple, and violet colors of the mums, roses, carnations, and other flowers in the grouping, all complemented by vivid greenery.

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Rich Textures - Adding ranunculus to bouquets with a variety of large feathery blooms, longer defined flowers, and smaller whimsical varieties can create a bouquet that stimulates all the senses. Bold Color - Add ranunculus to a bouquet that highlights flowers in bold colors, and it’s sure to be a show-stopper. The fluffy look of ranunculus in a dramatic color makes all the other complementary dramatic shades.Lively Looks - Combine ranunculus with blooms that have a variety of shapes and similar shade, and the result is a warm, lively arrangement.

Ranunculus: Graceful and Refreshing

With their unique combination of traits, ranunculus makes a statement that works well in many bouquets. Whether you prefer a more streamlined look with a simple color contrast or a lively arrangement with multiple colors, there are plenty of options available from UrbanStems to add a special touch of style to your home.


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