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How to Incorporate Unique Fall Colors into Your Wedding Ceremony

Bride holding wedding flowers in unique fall colors

Warm colors set a sophisticated standard for fall, with dramatic jewel tones and down-to-earth neutrals that positively brim with style and character. If you’re planning a wedding during this cooler season, you have plenty of beautiful options to incorporate into your festivities.

There are the obvious choices you could select like burnt orange, spicy mustard, forest green, bold crimson, deep purple, and rusty brown. Also mingling in the mix are more unique colors like beige, butter, taupe, grey, caramel, and even some shades of white and blue.

Sense a theme? These are largely rustic shades that incorporate the best of the world around us. They’re naturally compelling, and many of them seem like they’ve been lifted directly from Mother Nature’s exquisite landscape. Look above and you’ll see them on the foliage as it changes colors throughout the season. Visit an orchard, a park, or a farm and admire the earthy hues that surround you. Take a drive in the country and gaze at the multicolored peaks in the distance.

No one could blame you for being inspired by this stunning medley of shades — especially as you begin brainstorming ideas for your upcoming nuptials. There’s pure magic to be found in this gorgeous rainbow that’s richer and more enigmatic than any other seasonal palette. The fact that it’s so diverse adds to its appeal.

Whether you’re planning an indoor or an outdoor wedding, you can expect to find plenty of colors that connect with you on a personal level. On such a personal occasion, isn’t that exactly what you want? Here’s how to put a fresh and unexpected touch on your wedding colors using fall’s best tones as your guide.

Unique Color Tips for a Fall Wedding

  1. Try a Different Shade of Red
  2. Go for Some Sweet Pastels
  3. Break Out the Jewel Tones
  4. Mix a Few Opposing Colors

Try a Different Shade of Red

Cherry has its moment, and you’re likely to wear a soft burgundy well into winter. In this mix of reds is room for something a little spicier and richer, such as merlot. The wine-influenced shade captures a far more sophisticated and even vampy aura that’s difficult to ignore in any setting. It’s dark and devilish at times, but you can tone down its intensity by pairing it with something lighter and fresher for uplift — a sparkling gold or copper, for example, or even a muted, buttery beige.

How to make this color work? As the primary choice for your ceremony, you might find it overbearing unless you’re planning a very large affair in a spacious venue. Otherwise, think of it as a gemstone. Adding little glints of its magic via a centerpiece on every table, for example, is a fabulous way to elevate your atmosphere. The Autumn Garden shows off a heavily textured look where different shades of red all get their chance to shine, from bright true reds to deeper hues, all balanced out by berries and eucalyptus.

Go for Some Sweet Pastels

While you wouldn’t normally associate fall with sweet and light pastels, there are definitely options if you favor a more subtle color palette for your wedding ceremony. The key here is to shift your focus from the baby blues and mint greens to slightly warmer varieties, like juicy peaches and innocent blushes.

The Moira is a great example of an autumn arrangement you won’t be able to resist; Its rich apricot roses are nicely offset by the lightest shades of blush pink alongside Queen Anne's lace, bringing balance to the medley while livening up your tables or anywhere you choose to place it. Pastels are perfect if you have lighter colors incorporated elsewhere in your space, offering you an interesting way to create a cohesive look across the board. Maybe your bridesmaids are wearing soft peach or you’re serving a peaches and cream cake. There are countless ways you can make the pastel palette work well for your ceremony.

Break Out the Jewel Tones

Emeralds, sapphires, and rubies? Yes, yes, and yes! These sensational jewel tones are as expressive as they are engaging, capable of making such a bold statement during your fall wedding. They’re also incredibly easy to incorporate in different ways. Their depth alone is enough to create little pops of intrigue throughout your venue — and there are so many opportunities to do just that!

Add jewel-toned napkins with gilded rings. Have a front table featuring a guestbook? Decorate it with The Morello, a vibrant and unique arrangement of scabiosa and ranunculus featuring various shades of purple. To make any bold jewel tone work well, play with different colors to create a balanced effect. The less intense your presentation, the more those delicate jewels will shine! To accomplish that, pair your color of choice with something lighter, like cream, buff, and camel.

Mix a Few Opposing Colors

When you make a commitment to creating a unique look, you want to be certain you aren’t missing opportunities to truly step outside of your comfort zone. The beauty of making your dream wedding a reality is that nothing is off-limits — that means pairing shades with one another that at first glance may seem like unassuming partners. The key here is to experiment a little bit, since you can never be sure until you see the results before your eyes. As an example, you might be madly in love with sapphire blue and bright yellow. The two may be on opposite sides of the spectrum, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun pairing them with one another.

This works largely because fall’s colors are incredibly classy, tasteful, and happen to work very well together. There’s also an underlying sense of ethereal and bohemian charm about many of these hues, making them even easier to pair with those dark colors you didn’t think would work well. Set your sights on The Wilder as a clear example of how easy it is to articulate a look that, on paper, doesn’t make too much sense. Yet at a glance, you can see that the sunflowers bounce like little spotlights, while dazzling wildflowers provide a balanced effect.

Soft, rich, light, or bold — it doesn’t matter what you select! You can expect the color palette for your fall wedding to add a memorable finishing touch to your festivities and endless beauty to your surroundings. It’s the least you can ask for on a day that’s all about celebrating you.


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