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It’s Time To Gather

This November, countless families will reconnect and celebrate around the Thanksgiving table. Make this gathering more festive with the extraordinary beauty of centerpieces, wreaths, and other floral gifts. Whether you need extra decorations for your home or a gift for a host, each of these seasonal arrangements is handmade to offer a unique touch.

There is no one standard Thanksgiving arrangement, which makes the selection process adventurous. As you take a look at this collection, you’ll see a variety of beautiful centerpieces of mixed or single-stem arrangements, potted plants, dried flowers, wreaths, and more. Any of these would be a welcome offering to a busy host or a bright centerpiece for your own table. You can also add a treat like Sugarfina bears or a scented candle to make the gift even more thoughtful.

Selecting Thanksgiving Flowers

Before you select a Thanksgiving arrangement, consider who it’s for. If you want one for your home, you can get anything your heart desires. For Thanksgiving hosts, you should think about their favorite colors, flowers, what their home looks like, and how formal they like to be at parties. This will give you a good gauge of what type of gift to select. Here are some pointers:

  • A practical host: Give a gift that can be used long after the party. A beautiful potted plant, succulent, or dried flower arrangement will stay looking good for months after Thanksgiving.
  • A glamorous host: For these people, bigger is better. Consider getting them a double mixed bouquet in a custom vase, plus a custom message and add-on gift. Anything designed by Vogue or from our luxe arrangement class is a sure pleaser.
  • A low-key host: Outward shows of glamor can be “too much” for this personality, so stick to high-value but simple gifts like single-stem arrangements or preserved wreaths.
  • A family member you haven’t seen in years: Order a colorful centerpiece that is made to last, such as a bold mixed flower arrangement with a custom vase. Elaborate dried flower arrangements also stand out and make an extravagant show of your affection.

Sometimes just browsing will help you decide on the right gift. To start, sift through our best sellers. These crowd-pleasers appeal to a variety of personalities and offer beautiful colors, scents, and wow factors to make your gift a welcome one.

Custom Thanksgiving Gifts

When you know what type of gift to get, the fun part begins — it’s time to shop! If you want to focus on a specific flower, shop by the stem. This will show you all the single-stem and mixed bouquets that have your desired blooms. This custom experience will direct you to all the arrangements that have what you want and nothing else. You can also shop by color and price to find the ideal arrangement for your needs.

Beauty To Admire Long After the Holiday

Wreaths and dried flower arrangements are made to last for more than just a week. Made of preserved flowers and foliage, this gift is perfect for someone who likes practical, low-maintenance decor. You can be proud of giving one of these show-stopping gifts that keep the home beautiful long after Thanksgiving is over. You may also opt for a few cheerful succulents that require little maintenance and can grace the host’s house for many months!

Give a delightful gift to show your gratitude this Thanksgiving. By tailoring your selection to the recipient’s unique needs, you can give a memorable arrangement that will beautify the celebration.