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The Unique Delphinium

Talk about a flower with personality. Delphinium is an eye-catching flowering plant that adds drama and elegance to any bouquet. It’s known for its height and crisp blue color, although there are variations of the flower in shades like pink, red, yellow, and purple, too. This standout stem has a lean structure. In fact, its name comes from “Delphis,” the Greek word for “dolphin.” Viewed from the side, it’s thought that the flowers resemble dolphins in motion! Though they are sometimes referred to as larkspur, the two stems are not quite the same; delphiniums are generally taller!

The Meaning Behind Delphiniums

A naturally uplifting blossom, the delphinium makes an excellent addition to any springtime bouquet. The colorful bloom is representative of good cheer, good tidings, and goodwill — in short, it’s the right flower to send if you wish someone nothing but the best for their birthday, anniversary, or simply because you want to bring a smile to their face! Some delphiniums carry different meanings, all of which are associated with positivity. A lighter blue shade, for example, is an excellent choice for the birth of a baby because it represents youth. Pink is symbolic of passion and devotion.

The Perfect Occasion Flower

When in doubt, give a delphinium bouquet! Because of its positive connotations, it makes a lovely choice for just about any occasion. It’s ideal for giving to someone who was just promoted or who recently graduated, to a retiree celebrating the end of a long career, or to anyone who could use a little bit of joy. In general, if you wish to convey a message of caring, strength, compassion, positivity, love, hope, or joy — or all of the above! — then you can’t go wrong presenting someone special with a flower arrangement that contains delphiniums.