The Misty

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For a cool and refreshing gift, pair the serene sights of double white orchids with a Nest candle in their bestselling Ocean Mist and Sea Salt fragrance. Taking you to the sandy shores even when you’re up late crushing deadlines, The Misty brings back that laid-back beachy mood you need for stress relief.

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New Baby

What's Included

3" Phalaenopsis White Orchid in a 4.25" x 4" Coral Mermaid Pot with a NEST Ocean Mist & Sea Salt Votive

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The Summer Collection

Let it begin to dry out between waterings, and give it an ample amount of indirect light. Do not overwater or allow water to get in between the leaves. When the flowers fade, you can trim back the flower spike to encourage vegetative growth. Your orchid may rebloom if it is kept in the right conditions!

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