The Larkspur

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There’s lush and gorgeous, and then there’s this. When in doubt, this outstanding 16-inch wreath is sure to please anyone. It’s a feast for the senses, what with its thick, dramatic leaves and colorful larkspur tendrils peeking out. It’s a sizable accent perfect for introducing some natural beauty, grace, and elegance to any living space—and it’s a little bit festive, too.

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16" Larkspur Wreath

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The Winter Collection

After unboxing your fresh wreath or garland, give the foliage some plumping. Some needle loss or shifting is normal during transit.

Mist your fresh greens with water every few days if you keep them indoors. If your fresh products are outdoors no misting is necessary as long as the climate is cool. However, if you live in a warm environment then mist your fresh greens every few days so they do not dry out.

Keep away from direct light and heat sources. 


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