The Green Thumb

A potted golden pothos paired with seagreen pruning sheers and leafy plant nutrients gives anyone the gift of a green thumb this holiday season. Did you know a plant's essential nutrients are often depleted from the soil that can't be supplied by sun and water? That's where the leafy nutrients come in. A few drops and your pothos will continue to thrive well past the season.

Water Weekly: Allow my potting mix to dry out completely between waterings.

Medium to Low Indirect Light: I do best in medium to low indirect light, I’m not suited for intense, direct sun.

About Your Golden Pothos: My vining leaves fill my ceramic pot and could grow up to 30 feet! Feel free to trim my vines, with a clean pair of shears, to a length that works best for you as I continue to grow, or see how far I can go!


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