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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Women celebrating the holidays with a holiday bouquet in a gold vase

The holidays are a special time of year when you can give everyone you care about a token of appreciation. Holiday gifts are the embodiment of your positive thoughts and feelings. So each gift will be just as unique as the recipient. That's why not one gift suits all.

Thankfully, there are all types of holiday gifts out there to please the many personalities in your life. Whether you need a gift for a coworker, boss, spouse, partner, or best friend, there’s something just right for them. Our diverse holiday collection contains a variety of plants, flowers, and stocking stuffer gifts that will delight all the people on your list. For more inspiration, this ultimate holiday gift guide will show you some examples of thoughtful items to give.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

  1. Holiday Ornaments
  2. Floral Gift Sets
  3. Gift Kits
  4. Holiday Plants

Holiday Ornaments

Ornaments are among the most enjoyable holiday gifts because they can be thoughtful standalone gifts or supplement a larger gift. They can be of traditional design or something unexpected that adds some extra personality to your gift. Also, when you give an ornament to an acquaintance or coworker, it’s a wonderful low-pressure gift that doesn’t make anyone feel obligated to rush you an expensive gift in return. Make it even better by pairing it with a box of chocolates or an office plant.

Currently, a lot of fun and spunky ornaments are on-trend. You can find everything that you can imagine — from a sleepy (but cheerful) sloth to a pair of colorful dinosaurs. Our designers are hot on the trail of every fun ornament that your colleagues will love — including some tasty avocados. Here are some of our favorite holiday ornaments that break the mold of traditional tinsel and orbs.

  • Coffee to Go Ornament: All lovers of caffeine will enjoy this gift! If you know someone who is a pro at punching out a coffee rewards card or is always at the coffee station at work, this is a witty stocking stuffer they’ll remember for years.
  • Taco Ornament: If you know someone who doesn’t miss a Taco Tuesday, then this delicious ornament will make the perfect gift. This taco ornament adds a bit of fun to any holiday tree and can be on display around the year in a variety of settings. It is a great stocking stuffer or add-on to any holiday bouquet.
  • Phoebe Ornament: This custom-made ornament is made of hand-blown European glass and inspired by one of our best-loved gifts. It is an ornamental replica of The Phoebe and is just as cute and sweet as the succulent it resembles. Add this ornament to The Phoebe at checkout for some extra fun, or send it with a box of truffles as a delightful stocking stuffer.

Floral Gift Sets

If you prefer your gift to make a grand impact, order a luxe bouquet with an add-on gift like candy. In our holiday collection, there are many impressive fresh flower bouquets and plants that are made even more delightful with add-on gifts. You can select a variety of candy gifts for a custom pairing or find pre-arranged gift packages like The Bailey, which includes a winter currant scented candle.

Whether you want Sugarfina bears or a box of Neuhaus chocolate truffles to go with your gift, there’s nothing like receiving a box of sweets along with something pretty to look at. We believe that these details make flower delivery even more enjoyable — especially if you add a personalized message.

  • Another Floral Gift Set: The Madras is just as sweet as it is convenient. This single-stem arrangement of bold Hypericum berries comes with its speckled ceramic vase, so it’s ready for immediate display. Meanwhile, the automatic pairing with vegan cocktail gummy bears gives your loved one something delicious to enjoy right away.

Gift Kits

When you don’t want to send just flowers or plants, then send a deliverable gift instead! This convenient option cuts out any need to go to the store. After you schedule the date and time of delivery, the rest is up to us. Personalize any gift by writing a short message so that your holiday wishes come through exactly the way you want them. Other excellent deliverable gifts include an evolving variety of popular items:

  • Tea Sets
  • Flower and Candle combos
  • Happy Birthday sets
  • Pretzel and Beer Cheese Kit
  • Jewelry
  • Stationery
  • Table Runners

When it comes to jewelry, we spoke with the experts at Blue Nile to get the inside scoop on jewelry gifting. Here's what they had to say: "Jewelry is personal, and so much of what we do is influenced by our community – we are driven by the heartwarming stories and human connections, and that is what makes jewelry the best holiday gift."

Here are a few of their favorites this season:

  • For a timeless gift, stick to the classics. "Earrings are a great classic piece, and Zoom dressing invigorated the category so it continues to be popular. Gold hoops, statement diamond studs and unique fancy shaped diamond earrings are all amazing and timeless gifts."
  • For the trendsetter, go with gemstones! Our source tells us that "sapphires are the most popular and come in a variety of colors (blue, yellow, pink, etc.). There’s something for everyone!"
  • For a gift they'll use regularly, there's always pearls! Here's what the experts had to say: "Pearls are always classic to add to any look dressed up or down. Pearl strands are always a “must have” of any jewelry box but this year, you can add a little twist to this timeless gift with a drop earring or strand of Tahitian pearls that are truly breathtaking."

Holiday Plants

Potted plants are a long-lasting and meaningful gift for many people. Not only do they look great and fill a home or office with therapeutic greenery, but they also have practical uses. Green spaces in interior places boost moods and help people feel more energized; meanwhile, they also scrub the air and remove impurities like formaldehyde and benzene from the air.

Since indoor air is known to be more polluted than outdoor air, having many air scrubbing plants inside a home or office can improve your health and well-being. This is an excellent gift for anyone who is health-conscious but also wants something festive for the holidays. For instance, a miniature living tree like The Borealis is excellent to send during the holidays because it can be decorated with ornaments.

  • Pro tip: Send a small tree with a couple of ornament add-ons to brighten up someone’s day. This is especially useful for someone with a small apartment or pets and small kids who cannot put up a traditional holiday tree.

Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Your loved ones are as unique as the stars in the sky. This is why there needs to be a variety of holiday gifts available so that you can give the right item to reach their heart. Whether you need to pick up a box of chocolates and flowers or some funny ornaments for someone’s tree, there is sure to be something to please in our winter and holiday collection.

Schedule any delivery up to two weeks in advance or arrange a next-day delivery with a personalized message for any last-minute details. Happy holidays!


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