These New York City installations are acts of kindness and goodwill. Purchasing one furthers this act of generosity. Part of the proceeds go to ProjectArt, an organization that empowers youth through free after-school arts education.

The Alice

The Alice BouquetThe Alice Bouquet

Modern, Romantic, Whimsical! Capture the spirit of the stunning Alice in Wonderland Flower Flash with this gorgeous arrangement of fluffy garden roses and sumptuous ranunculus.

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The Mohawk

The Mohawk BouquetThe Mohawk Bouquet

Bold, Striking, Unique! These liatris stems turned the Botero Cat outside the Crosby Street Hotel into a dazzling skunk. Let the same soaring blooms transform your office or home.

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The Graffiti

The Graffiti BouquetThe Graffiti Bouquet

Joyful, Modern, Vibrant! Over 500 daisies went into this Flower Flash. One of the most cheerful installations to be executed, this bouquet will bring happiness to anyone who receives it.

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