Flower CareCare For Your Stems

Congrats on your new bouquet! Here’s a few tips to make sure your flowers live long, fulfilling lives.

What You’ll Need

  • Vase & Water
  • Sharp Scissors or Knife
  • Spray Bottle
  • Flower Food
Step One

Find a Vase

You may have noticed your flowers no longer have roots, and that they’re not in soil. Bet they’re thirsty! Time to put them in your favorite vase with some fresh water.

Fun Fact

Flowers hate soap. If you decide to give that dusty vase that you pulled out from under the sink a wash, make sure to rinse it well to get rid of any soapy residue!

Step Two

Trim Those Stems

Keep those stems trimmed! Always cut your flowers at an angle so they can absorb more water & won’t suffocate on the bottom of the vase. After the initial cut, check the bottoms of your stems every couple of days, and if the ends are looking a bit slimy, just snip off an inch or so.

Step Three

Remove Leaves

Take off any excess leaves so that all the water is funneled into the petals. Pay special attention to leaves below the water line because they’ll decompose, causing rot and bacteria to grow, which will shorten the lifespan of your blooms.

Step Four

Mist Them

Flowers like to be misted (let’s be honest, who doesn’t?). Lightly spray down the petals from time to time to keep your stems looking fresh, and remove any buds that are clearly past their prime.

Step Five

Keep Them Cool

Last but not least, keep your flowers in a cool area. Don’t put them near radiators, computers, televisions, fireplaces, ovens… you get the idea.

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