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    The Cora

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    Boasting unique silhouettes, unusual textures, and plenty of personality, cacti make a wonderful addition to any space. These eye-catching flowering plants are renowned for their decorative value — but great looks aren’t all they have going for them.

    Thanks to their natural ability to adapt to high levels of heat, this plant requires very little care and maintenance. A hint of water every now and then is all it needs to survive, and it’s capable of lasting for up to a decade! That makes cacti gifts the perfect choice for those without green thumbs.

    The Top 5 occasions to send Cacti are:

    1. Housewarming
    2. Birthday
    3. Father’s Day
    4. Friendship
    5. Just Because

    While they’re typically associated with spikes, not all cacti for home use have prickly bodies! Some are surprisingly smooth and touchable, while others are more bristly. No matter what, though, you should always slip on a pair of gloves for your protection and handle potted cacti with care.

    As for their flowers, you can trust that decorative cacti will instantly brighten up any room! Many of these fleshy succulents feature vibrant blossoms in uplifting shades of red, pink, or yellow. Place a larger plant in the entryway to add a focal point to the space, or position one as an earthy centerpiece on the dining table. It also makes a naturally beautiful addition to any sitting area or home office.

    UrbanStems makes it easy to arrange for cacti delivery, whether for a friend or to treat yourself! Offering both same-day and next-day plant delivery, every arrangement arrives fresh and straight from its natural source.